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Belleview Auto Accident

Belleview is a city in Marion County, Florida.  The name Belleview, which means beautiful view, came from one of the original settlers whose daughter was named “Belle”.   The population was 3,478 at the 2000 census.  According to the U.S Census estimates of 2009, the city had a population of 4,483.  “The City with Small Town Charm" is the city’s motto which genuinely reflects the feeling of the city.

The city has much to offer in the way of recreation. The Belleview Sports Complex is an eighty (80) acre park which is used throughout the year by several football, softball, baseball and soccer leagues, both youth and adult. It also contains basketball and tennis courts as well as a playground for small children and a walking trail which weaves through and around several of the league fields. 


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there were 2,494 reported traffic fatalities in Florida in 2014; which is just a small percentage of the reported 250,000 vehicle crashes each year. If you have found yourself in a situation where you need to collect damages it is wise to look into hiring an attorney, as this will make things much easier on your end.

It is almost always preferable to settle your accident claim out of court if a fair and just offer is made.  A demand letter is the standard way of settling an injury claim before going to court. A demand letter is defined as “formal notice demanding that the person to whom the letter is addressed perform an alleged legal obligation”. The letter should include the events surrounding the injury in sufficient detail (what happened, witnesses, injuries, and other details) and provide the exact amount of money spent on medical treatment, if possible. Many months of preparation and evidence gathering will go into drafting a demand letter.
If an out of court settlement cannot be achieved, you will need to file a lawsuit. Lawsuits seeking compensation for car accident injuries are civil lawsuits, also known as personal injury or tort cases.  Lawsuits may take years to complete and require countless hours of preparation and discovery work to properly and successfully present the case to a jury.  Juries will ultimately make a determination on the value of damages awarded on your personal injury claim.

Auto accidents can be shocking and scary things. As they are often unexpected, they are usually not preventable. If you or a loved one of yours has been involved in an auto accident, you may decide it beneficial to hire one of our attorneys file a lawsuit and collect damages. 

Our attorneys have been practicing in the Belleview area for over 25 years. We handle a wide variety of cases involving negligent, reckless, or other wrongful conduct. This includes injuries that are caused by a driver experiencing road rage. Regardless of the type of accident or injury, you can confidentially consult with our lawyers for free.  All of the personal injury cases we take are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning you will not pay us a fee unless we are successful in your case. Let the knowledgeable and experienced attorneys at our firm help regain control of your life after an accident.