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Belleview Medical Malpractice


Belleview is a city located  in Marion County, Florida. The population of the town at the time of the 2000 census was 3,478. The city is part of the Ocala Metropolitan Statistical Area. The name, Belleview, which means “beautiful view”, came from one of the original settlers whose daughter was named “Belle”. "The City with Small Town Charm" is the city’s motto which many feel is a great description of the feeling in the city.
The city provides its citizens both active and passive recreational facilities. One of the must see spots of Belleview is Lake Lillian, which contains a small fishing dock for the children and senior citizens, as well as several picnic pavilions and a walking trail that is perfect for either a leisurely stroll or a jog. Lake Lillian hosts several of Belleview’s civic events throughout the year as well as weekend birthday parties and even the occasional wedding.


If you are considering filing a medical malpractice / medical negligence suit, you should be aware of a few different factors that will come into play.  There is a lot more to a medical malpractice case than a just a patient getting hurt. Because of Florida’s strict liability laws, it can often seem like proving you were mistreated is near impossible.  To be considered medical malpractice under the law, the claim must have the following characteristics:

(1) There was a violation of the standard of care – Medical Malpractice is when a doctor (or any licensed health care professional) does something that either A) causes you harm, or B) makes your existing condition worse. The state of Florida realizes that there are certain medical standards that are recognized by the profession as being acceptable medical treatment; this is known as the standard of care. If it is determined that the standard of care has not been met, then you know malpractice has occurred. 

(2) Negligence caused your injury– Once you have established that the standard of care has not been met, you, the patient, must prove that you sustained an injury that would not have occurred but for the negligence of the doctor. You must be able to show proof that the negligence caused the injury. If you are injured while under the care of a doctor, but it was not a direct result of the doctor’s care, then you do not have a case. The negligence must prove the injury and vice versa.

(3) Your injury resulted in significant damages - The third thing that you must prove is that the injury caused by your doctor caused you significant damages. Medical Malpractice suits are expensive and very time consuming.  To pursue a medical malpractice claim, a patient must show that the injury resulted in disability, loss of income, unusual pain, suffering and hardship, or significant past and future medical bills.

You need a lawyer who is committed to advocating for your interests. It can take months for the full extent of your injuries to be known by your medical providers. Before you talk to any representative of another party about your medical malpractice injury, you should consult with our caring and dedicated lawyers. We have worked on numerous injury claims arising from a variety of circumstances, and have helped many families obtain the financial compensation they need and deserve. Our experienced attorneys, Michael E. Dean and Timothy S. Dean, are dedicated to providing the best legal care available to you. Call (352) 387-8700 today to set up a consultation.