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Civil Litigation

Protecting Your Interests in Florida Civil Litigation

Ocala civil litigation lawyers Michael E. Dean, Timothy S. Dean and H. Edward Dean of the Dean Law Firm have eight decades of collective litigation experience in state and federal court. We have served as lead counsel or co-counsel in several complex litigation cases. Under Florida Rule 1.201 these are challenging cases involving multiple parties and numerous pretrial motions raising difficult or new intertwined legal issues. We have brought claims on behalf of individuals or businesses that have suffered losses, either personal or business-related. We have also defended businesses in cases involving matters such as debt collection or alleged intellectual property infringement.

Finding Swift and Effective Resolutions to Business and Civil Disputes

Civil litigation encompasses a wide range of cases, including those related to:

  • Contractual disputes
  • Corporation and shareholder disputes
  • Debt collection
  • Intellectual property, including trade secrets and copyrights
  • Personal injury lawsuits
  • Mechanic's liens
  • Foreclosures

As trial lawyers, we know the potential harms of protracted litigation. We can give you a clear sense of the benefits and downsides of going to trial in your case, and take your case to court if you decide the potential rewards outweigh the drawbacks. Our objective assessments and familiarity with alternative dispute resolution techniques can save you time and money.

It can be daunting to choose a lawyer to represent you in a business dispute or litigation in another city or state. Our law firm maintains personal contacts with highly experienced attorneys throughout Florida and the United States. These lawyers assist Dean Law Firm clients in out-of-state cases related to business disputes, wrongful termination claims, wage and hour disputes, bankruptcy, patent and trademark, warranty claims, and contract disputes.

Construction Lawsuits

One business in which civil litigation is very common is construction. Construction sites can be dangerous places with lots of potential for personal injuries. Both contractors and subcontractors are required to maintain workers' compensation for employees. Section 440.10(1)(a) of the Florida Statutes provides that if a contractor subcontracts work to another entity, all of the subcontractor's employees are deemed statutory employees of the contractor. This means both the contractor and the subcontractor may have workers' compensation immunity. However, a supplier who is injured due to a dangerous condition may have a claim against whichever party was responsible for that condition. Similarly, a visitor at the construction site who is injured may have a negligence-based claim against one or more businesses involved with the project and a premises liability case against the landowner.

Oftentimes, businesses such as contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers are involved in a construction project, which increases the potential for a breach of contract or multiparty dispute as to the scope of the parties' duties. Many disputes involving the work are covered by a written contract that spells out each party's obligation, what they will be paid, and what to do in case of a dispute. Remedies available for a breach of contract may be outlined within the terms of the contract. They may include "special damages," "liquidated damages," "consequential damages," and "court costs,” or ”default." They may also include specific performance, which is the right to compel the other party's performance.

Mechanic's liens disputes are also relatively common in connection with construction projects. Florida Statutes Chapter 713 governs mechanic’s liens. The statute requires subcontractors to provide notice of possible liens. This provides an important protection to suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors to make sure they get paid in full, and ensures that owners don't provide double payments.

Discuss Your Dispute With Experienced Citrus County Civil Litigation Lawyers

Whether you are an individual who needs to sue a business for breach of contract or personal injuries, or a business that needs to sue another business, our Ocala business litigation attorneys can help you with a broad range of civil disputes. We serve businesses and individuals located in north central Florida, including Ocala, Crystal River and The Villages. Schedule your initial consultation with us by calling 352-387-8700, or contact us online.