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General Counsel

Skilled General Counsel for Ocala Businesses

Business owners in a tough economic climate should make sure their legal affairs are in order. At Dean Law Firm, our trustworthy Ocala general counsel attorneys bring two decades of combined experience, diligence, and a stellar reputation to the work of representing your company's legal interests in many different situations. We are proactive, objective, effective and accessible. Unlike larger firms that have high overhead, we are skilled attorneys that understand the needs of a small business: we charge reasonable fees to bring you peace of mind.

What Does General Counsel Do?

The primary goal of an effective general counsel should be prompt communication of pro-active advice in order to prevent problems. As skilled litigators, we understand how expensive and stressful litigation is for the parties involved. Sound legal advice can help you optimize and preserve your resources in many different situations regardless of the kind of business you run. We are general counsel to many small businesses located in north central Florida cities, including Ocala, Crystal Rivers, and The Villages, including manufacturing and construction businesses. This means we learn about your business, your legal needs, and your long-term objectives and help you fulfill your goals within the pertinent legal frameworks.

As general counsel, we offer sound advice on a wide range of business matters, including contract review and interpretation, drafting corporate policy manuals, insurance matters, legal research, collection, litigation and employment issues. We also help facilitate the acquisition of permits and approvals for activities such as concrete and asphalt production, mining, and commercial and residential development. There are a number of situations in which it makes sense to get legal advice from someone who knows your business and knows the law.

We offer public relations advice and crisis management if a crisis arises. For example, if your business needs certain government contracts, it is important not to be involved in a scandal related to employment discrimination on the basis of race or gender. A worker who accuses you of discrimination in promotions can become a major thorn in your side. We can help you handle the situation with the worker and help make sure that your government contract remains intact.

There are times when even the best preventative measures cannot forestall or eliminate business litigation. Due to our two decades of combined experience, we can act as co-counsel or provide oversight and strategy assistance to insurance and outside counsel in the event of litigation. Using the prior example of employment discrimination, it may be necessary to retain outside counsel to handle an employment discrimination lawsuit. We can help you choose the best and make sure that your business needs are protected in spite of the costs of litigation. Should a matter not settle or be successful at trial, we can also help you select appellate counsel and oversee the appellate process to turn the situation around.

These are other services we provide in our role as general counsel for your small business:

  • Risk assessment and avoidance
  • Cost-saving fee arrangements for businesses
  • Intellectual property protection and litigation
  • Corporate governance and compliance
  • Annual meeting organization
Ocala Attorneys You Can Trust

As small business owners, our trustworthy Crystal Rivers general counsel fully understand the pressures, demands and rewards of running your business. We give sound advice for reasonable fees so that you can avoid more serious problems down the road. For experienced general counsel lawyers, contact us in Ocala today. Call 352-387-8700 to schedule an initial consultation, or use our online contact form. We represent clients in many Florida counties, including Marion, Sumter, Lake, Citrus and Levy.