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Tire Blowouts

Legal Representation For Car Accident Victims in Ocala

Tire blowouts are relatively common. Unfortunately, they can lead to car accidents that result in significant injuries or even tragic fatalities. After a crash, an at-fault driver often can be held liable for harm caused when the driver did not behave as a reasonably prudent person would. For example, a driver who ignores signs that a tire's treads are wearing thin and does not take the car to be repaired may be held responsible for injuries caused by the blowout. In some cases, a third party can be held responsible for injuries arising from a tire blowout, such as a mechanic who is paid to perform a full inspection of a car but who does not appropriately inspect the tires. If you have been hurt due to a tire blowout in Ocala or the surrounding area, an experienced car accident attorney at the Dean Law Firm may be able to help you pursue the compensation that you need.

Pursuing Compensation after a Tire Blowout

All Florida drivers owe a duty to other people on the road to operate their vehicles as a reasonable person would handle them under the same circumstances. This includes a duty to get repairs to a car as necessary, and to look out for problems in the vehicle that could cause an injury. Unexpected blowouts do occur, but often there are warning signs that drivers should have heeded before the actual blowout occurs. Signs to look out for may include uneven or excessively worn tire treads, bulges and blisters, vibrations while driving, and cracking in the sidewalls of the tire. Drivers who notice any of these signs should have their cars inspected. People who drive regularly should use a tire gauge to check tire pressure every month.

Not all tire blowouts are the fault of a car's driver, however. In some cases, the defective tire may not show any obvious signs of failure. However, if a driver takes his car to a mechanic for a full inspection and the mechanic either misses the problem, or fails to appropriately fix it, the mechanic may be held liable for an accident caused by the tire problem. Similarly, a manufacturer sometimes can be pursued for compensation after an accident caused by a tire blowout if the blowout is due to a defect that existed at the time the car was put into the stream of commerce. A retailer can potentially be held liable if the tire defect is the result of damage while the tire is in the showroom.

In Florida, most car accident lawsuits are based on an injured person’s claim that the defendant was negligent. In the context of tire blowouts, this usually means that the victim will need to show the defendant's duty to inspect or fix the tire, a breach of this obligation, a direct causal connection from the breach to the accident, and quantifiable damages. If a manufacturer is at fault for a tire defect, by contrast, an accident victim would need to show what type of defect was involved, which could be a manufacturing defect, a design defect, or a failure to warn, and that the defect caused the blowout and accident. Damages that may be available in these cases can extend from the subjective pain and suffering experienced by the victim to more objective financial losses, such as lost wages, medical bills, and property damage.

Consult an Ocala Attorney after a Motor Vehicle Collision

A tire blowout can cause devastating harm to a victim. If you have been hurt near Ocala in a car accident resulting from someone else’s carelessness, the injury lawyers at the Dean Law Firm may be able to help. We can consult an expert to determine what caused the accident and represent you in negotiations with insurers and at trial. Call us at 352-387-8700 or contact us via our online form. We represent accident victims throughout the state, including those in Crystal River and the Villages as well as Marion, Sumter, Lake, Citrus, and Levy Counties.